About the Company

OPTiZ was founded in 2011 and located in Palo Alto, CA.

Optiz Inc. create, innovate and deliver the next generation of sensor design and camera module technologies
We engineer new ways to reach the highest possible performance while keeping system requirements to a minimum
We have a long history of innovating and advancing the state of the art in sensor and camera module design
Our mission is to enable smart semiconductor technologies through inventive solutions today
Our core business inventing and productizing

Our collaborative and interdisciplinary team of technologists analyze the market, create novel products, find solutions to critical industry problems and market opportunity.

Highly experienced engineers design and debug products on front-end and back-end semiconductor production lines to perfect and qualify products for market.


Our mission is to provide discrete and integrated miniaturization solutions for mobile handset products
The company develops technologies that will transcend some of the most challenging handicaps of camera phones

Optiz's founding team has pioneered miniaturization technologies in commercial devices and has been active in the mobile phone market over the last decade

Coming from a strong technology and product manufacturing background, the team core technology competency encompasses optical, mechanical and integrated module level designs. The founders have a previous track record of startup activity from founding to sustainable high volume product sales

Business Model

Since our founding, Optiz has utilized invention-plus-manufacture business model

Optiz is concentrated on invention and for the most part left the commercialization of inventions to enterprises with the requisite manufacturing and other resources needed to build and sell products successfully