Optiz have already actualized many technological visions into tangible products
Steer innovative high-end technologys to the mass market

Pixel ZOOM

Status: Design.
Optiz's proprietary "Zoom In" pixel architecture combines a unique pixel design with specialized algorithms and lens structure, allowing enahnced zoom and dynamic focus capabilities without moving parts. The innovative pixel architecture provides significant advantages such as reduced cross talk between the pixels at the periphery of the sensor, substantial improvement of Quantum efficiency.

Mobile Security

Status: High volume manufacturing.
Consumer's growing need for an improved security solution in their personal mobile electronic has kick started a huge demand for an integrated ultrathin fingerprint module. To satisfy the consumer's demand for electronic security through the use of fingerprint methodology, Optiz has invented the world's first ETIMâ„¢ module technology.

Dual Camera

Status: Prototyping.
We are offering a unique camera architecture offering significant reduction of camera height while simultaneously achieving dramatic improvement of SNR and low light performance. This is achieved with multiple aperture approach using innovative dual aperture camera capable of fusing two simultaneous images into a single high quality image.

Chip Scale Camera

Status: Evaluation.
Chip Scale Camera Module leverages semiconductor components stacking methodology to fabricate elements as layers of wafer structure. Using this innovative approach, the camera module incorporates the optical wafer structures into the fully protected image sensors in a single step. This approach results in an integrated product with very small footprint and great versatility and can be implemented for the camera or for the secondary camera.