Next-Gen Zoom Solution


Optiz's proprietary "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" architecture technology uses a combination of unique pixel design, exclusive optical interface structure and specialized imaging algorithms to address the lack of zoom function in the mobile imaging platform. Mobile zoom function of the current art has not been properly addressed due to disadvantages in cost, size, power consumption, reliability and quality. Optiz's proprietary Zoom solution realizes Zoom function in the mobile imaging system without the drawback of conventional solutions.

Reinvent The Pixel    

Optiz's proprietary pixel architecture technology includes pixel pattern design, photodiode structure and advanced imaging algorithms. With inventive thinking, we have re-imagined these three crucial aspects of the pixel technology and made great advancements in zooming, luminance and color accuracy. All doing so without creating additional complexity to the imaging system while enabling zoom function and reduce module size.

Simplify The Optics    

Lens stack of the current art are built with optical correction elements to make compatibility with a flat imaging surface. A standard optical correction element makes addition to module size and increases optical complexity while reduces optical quality. Our innovative solution offers an optical interface structure that is built into the image sensor chip, thus imaging system need fewer lenses, simplifies the overall optical design and improves image quality.


Optiz's Zoom solution offers a set of proprietary technology to enable greater sensitivity, lower module profile, superior zooming and dynamic focusing capabilities all without moving parts. We are presenting a better, smaller, more cost-efficient camera module solution with increased functionality that is both easier to manufacture and highly reliable.


With the introduction of Optiz's Next-Gen Zoom solution, significant redesigns are made in areas that were previously overlooked and in structures that were previously taken as is. Establishing our breakthrough technology on newfound grounds while make use of existing processing techniques. Enables zoom capability without the disadvantages normally associated with zooming elements, while also making considerable improvements to image quality and device quality.